Al Badie And Its Businesses In UAE

Al badie group doesn’t need any kind of introduction at all as this is the oldest and very popular group which is working very well since 1967. With the passage of time it has introduced various businesses which are working very well under the group. You just name it and they perform the best business from insurance to oil and gas, construction, real estate and various others.

The Al Badie is very well owned by the families of Al Badie as well as great employees who work day and night, just to make it very successful for now, then and forever. It is undoubtedly, a well-established, reputed, multi-discipline group based in the United Arab Emirates and running various businesses under one roof. Everything is overlooked and managed by Mr. Khaled who is the vice president of the group and thee are other top level authorities who are making viable decisions to perform business very well.

Al Badie Group was founded in 1967, before the foundation of the UAE and since then, it has been among few families, who have participated from day one in the development of the country and the nation. They just wanted to do it with the help of the personal investments or the development and creation of consortiums of co-investors and they really succeed to do so.

At present the group is very well working by the group of the employees who are more than 1000 and fully diversified in various sectors ranging from finance to hospitality, travel, IT and various others.

khaledAl Badie just believe in working authentically and by thinking about the prosperity and happiness of the clients. Yes, they main goal is to offer high quality results to the people and for the same they have planned various action plans and strategies.

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